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About us

Smart Cut is a service company that specialises in leather carving.

We are in the possession of a modern plant that is equipped in advanced cutting plotters. We possess unique specialised software NAXOS to create leather designs.

We also offer services connected with creating leather patterns.


The service of cutting and carving involves various materials, such as: leather, imitation leather, cardboard, foam, textiles, nonwoven fabric, lining, technical fabric, cork, foil, etc.

Carving is realized with the help of a modern fully automatic system by TESEO.

Our carving service finds the use for: producing footware, purse making, upholstery, clothing, producing various cases, washers, badges, etc. Our cutting plotters are equipped in 8-tooled cutting heads that enable cutting, marking, pricking and hole making of various shapes.

The method of cutting that we use enables us to achieve a clear outline of the elements as opposed to laser cutters that singe the cut edges. The use of a carving service at our plant results in raw material waste reduction.


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SMART CUT - Lucyna Bochniarz
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